Something I wrote a couple of months ago.

I can’t write.
My mind hungers for rest, but cannot be satisfied.
What is it that eats away at me like some sort of flesh devouring disease?
Someone tell me, I’m begging you.
I can’t see myself in 10 years.
5 years.
2 years.
I’m numb to the world, only disquising the numbness with a show of laughter; 
An empty confidence.
I don’t feel that I belong here. 
I’m suffocating.
Where is the air? 

I’ve come to a realization.

I cannot continue to stumble through life thinking I am invincible.

I’ve hurt.

I am hurting.

Maybe this is just karma for what i’ve done.

A heart for a heart.

I wanted this to be something good.

Hopefully, I’m only paranoid.

The BEST cupcake by far.

The BEST cupcake by far.

(via zm-)

(via zm-)

Now I’m just a memory.

When I write, I write for me.

When I sing, I sing for you

If repetition is a crime, my mind is a criminal;

You’re all I can contain.

Days pass, weeks fly.

I admit, I’m afraid.

I know you’re leaving,

I know you won’t think twice.

Just know I loved you.